Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology

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The possible indications for the choice of two component antihypertensives combinations are presented. The advantages of ACE inhibitor+calcium channel blocker combination are shown in terms of antihypertensive efficacy, organoprotective properties, and positive metabolic effects. Clinical aspects of ACE inhibitor+thiazide diuretic combination usage, its possible side effects and ways to minimize them are considered.

About the Authors

O. D. Ostroumova
Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Russian Federation
Delegatskaya ul. 20/1, Moscow, 127473

E. A. Smolyarchuk
Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Russian Federation
Delegatskaya ul. 20/1, Moscow, 127473

I. V. Khvorostyanaya
Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Russian Federation
Delegatskaya ul. 20/1, Moscow, 127473


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For citation:

Ostroumova O.D., Smolyarchuk E.A., Khvorostyanaya I.V. NEW APPROACHES OF THE HYPERTENSION TREATMENT: FROM CHOOSING THE BEST DRUG TO CHOOSE THE OPTIMUM DRUGS COMBINATION. Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2010;6(5):709-716. (In Russ.)

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