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Aim. To evaluate the anemia prevalence and its impact on chronic heart failure (CHF) course.

Methods. A total of 228 outpatients (86 women and 196 men, aged 39-85 y.o.) with clinically stable CHF (II-IV functional class according to NYHA) were studied. Anemia was defined by the WHO criteria (hemoglobin levels <13 g/dl in men and <12 g/dl in women).

Results. Anemia was found in 18,8% of CHF patients. In all the cases anemia was mild (hemoglobin levels >9 g/dl). Anemia rate did not differ significantly in patients with reduced (18,5%) and preserve (19,1%) or left ventricle ejection fraction (LV EF) (р=0,743). Anemic and non anemic patients were similar in terms of gender, NYHA functional class, heart rate and LV EF. The rate of anemic patients increased significantly up to 35,8% in creatinine clearance <60ml/min. Anemic patients were older (p<0,001), had longer CHF duration (p=0,014), lower body mass index (p=0,041), had diabetes more often (p=0,004, χ2=8,01) in comparison with non anemic patients. Deficiency of iron, vita￾min B12 or folic acid was a reason of anemia in 35,8%, 9,4% and 15,1% of patients, respectively. Anemia reason was not detected in 39,7% of patients.

Conclusion. Anemia in patients with CHF is associated with age, impaired renal function, diabetes and high hospitalization rate because of CHF deterioration.

About the Authors

V. N. Larina
Russian State Medical University
Russian Federation
Ostrovityaninova ul. 1, Moscow, 117997

B. Ya. Bart
Russian State Medical University
Russian Federation
Ostrovityaninova ul. 1, Moscow, 117997

V. G. Larin
Russian State Medical University
Russian Federation
Ostrovityaninova ul. 1, Moscow, 117997


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Larina V.N., Bart B.Y., Larin V.G. CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF ANEMIC SYNDROME IN PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC HEART FAILURE. Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2010;6(3):311-317. (In Russ.)

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