Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology

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New possibilities of ACE inhibitors application on the base of international trails review are presented. Traditional therapy areas of ACE inhibitors (hypertension, heart failure) are well known. However recent studies have shown that ACE inhibitors improve prognosis in patients with clinically proved atherosclerosis. This ACE inhibitor ability is a result of their high vasoprotective effect. It provides new clinical possibilities for their use for slowing a progression of diseases associated with atherosclerosis. However this property can not be extended to all ACE inhibitors. Only ramipril and perindopril have a strong evidence base.

About the Authors

D. V. Nebieridze
State Research Center for Preventive Medicine
Russian Federation
Petroverigsky per. 10, Moscow, 101990

A. S. Safarian
State Research Center for Preventive Medicine
Russian Federation
Petroverigsky per. 10, Moscow, 101990


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Nebieridze D.V., Safarian A.S. ACE INHIBITOR POSSIBILITIES IN CLINICAL PRACTICE: WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THEM? Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2010;6(4):528-531. (In Russ.)

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