Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology

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Aspects of heart rate-lowering therapy in patients with chronic heart failure using If-channel blocker ivabradine are discussed. The evidence-based data on ivabradine use reveal its advantages, disadvantages and place in the treatment of cardiac patients.

About the Authors

S. V. Shalaev
Regional Cardiology Clinic of Tyumen Regional Hospital №1, Tyumen State Medical Academy
Russian Federation

Odesskaya ul. 46A, Tyumen, 625023 Russia

Odesskaya ul. 54, Tyumen, 625023 Russia

L. V. Silicic
Tyumen State Medical Academy
Russian Federation
Odesskaya ul. 46A, Tyumen, 625023 Russia

O. V. Abaturova
Tyumen State Medical Academy
Russian Federation
Odesskaya ul. 46A, Tyumen, 625023 Russia


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Shalaev S.V., Silicic L.V., Abaturova O.V. HEART RATE-LOWERING THERAPY IN THE TREATMENT OF CHRONIC HEART FAILURE. Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2015;11(1):79-84. (In Russ.)

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