Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology

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Vertigo is observed in 30% of people above 65 y.o. and in 50% of peoples above 80 y.o. This disorder significantly affects patient quality of life and can be a reason of incidences, trauma and even disability. Vertigo is classified as systemic or non-systemic. It can be consequence of different disturbances. Physician of any clinical specialty can face with this problem. Identification of the vertigo cause is a quite difficult problem, but success of treatment depends on it. First of all treatment strategy should be directed to elimination of the vertigo cause.

About the Authors

O. M. Drapkina
Clinic of propaedeutic of internal diseases, Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M.Setchenov
Russian Federation

S. O. Chaparkina
Clinic of propaedeutic of internal diseases, Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M.Setchenov
Russian Federation


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For citation:

Drapkina O.M., Chaparkina S.O. VERTIGO IN INTERNAL MEDICINE PRACTICE. Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2007;3(3):33-40. (In Russ.)

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