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Three-year dynamics and unsolved problems of lipid-lowering therapy

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Aim. To study the lipid-lowering therapy, the adequacy of its control, as well as the awareness of patients at a high cardiovascular risk of atherosclerosis problems and the dynamics of these parameters in 3 years.
Material and methods. Patients with dyslipidemia (113 patients in 2011 and 100 patients in 2014) who were treated in the cardiology clinic were examined. Patient survey on the lipid-lowering therapy and its monitoring was conducted. Medical records of patients were studied also. 

Results. The number of patients informed on atherosclerosis aspects increased from 52% to 59% (p>0.05) in 3 years. Laboratory control of lipid metabolism remained inadequate. Insufficient lifestyle modification changes (diet, smoking, physical inactivity) were present. Lipid-lowering drugs were regularly taken by 26% of the patients in 2011 and 29% in 2014 (p>0.05) and a control of lipid metabolism was absent in 12% and 14% of the patients, respectively (p>0.05). Only 27% of the patients gave the importance of lipid-lowering therapy 10 points on a 10-point scale. 

Conclusion. Dynamics of patients awareness on atherosclerosis and measures taken to correct and control lipid metabolism disorders were insignificant within 3 years. High costs of medication and the underestimation of treatment importance by the patient play an important role in poor adherence.

About the Author

V. A. Sergeeva
Saratov State Medical University named after V.I. Razumovsky. Bolshaya Kazachya ul. 112, Saratov, 410012 Russia
Russian Federation


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Sergeeva V.A. Three-year dynamics and unsolved problems of lipid-lowering therapy. Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2015;11(5):504-509. (In Russ.)

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