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Arterial hypertension and antihypertensive therapy in older patients. The agreed opinion of experts from the Russian Association of Gerontologists and Geriatricians, the Antihypertensive League, the National Society for Preventive Cardiology

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High blood pressure is a risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, as well as cognitive decline and loss of autonomy in the elderly and old age. Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) in populations of older patients living at home with low comorbidity and preserved autonomy indicate the benefit of lowering elevated blood pressure in patients over 80 years of age. Older patients with senile asthenia, loss of autonomy and other geriatric problems were excluded from RCTs, and observational studies in these groups of patients indicate an increase in morbidity and mortality with lower blood pressure and antihypertensive therapy. Obviously, in very elderly patients, a universal strategy for the treatment of arterial hypertension cannot be applied due to the significant heterogeneity of their functional status. The geriatric approach to the management of arterial hypertension in older patients involves an assessment of the functional status, the presence of senile asthenia, and the degree of autonomy for the choice of antihypertensive therapy tactics.

About the Authors

O. N. Tkacheva

Russian Federation

Olga N. Tkacheva

Yu. V. Kotovskaya

Russian Federation

Julia V. Kotovskaya

N. K. Runikhina

Russian Federation

Nadezhda K. Runikhina

E. V. Frolova

Russian Federation

Elena V. Frolova

V. S. Ostapenko

Russian Federation

Valentina S. Ostapenko

N. V. Sharashkina

Russian Federation

Natalia V. Sharashkina

E. I. Baranova

Russian Federation

Elena I. Baranova

S. V. Bulgakova

Russian Federation

Svetlana V. Bulgakova

S. V. Villevalde

Russian Federation

Svetlana V. Villevalde

D. V. Duplyakov

Russian Federation

Dmitry V. Duplyakov

A. N. Ilnitskiy

Russian Federation

Andrey N. Ilnitsky

O. A. Kislyak

Russian Federation

Oksana A. Kislyak

Zh. D. Kobalava

Russian Federation

Zhanna D. Kobalava

eLibrary  SPIN  9828-5409

A. O. Konradi

Russian Federation

Alexandra O. Konradi

S. V. Nedogoda

Russian Federation

Sergey V. Nedogoda

Ya. A. Orlova

Russian Federation

Yana A. Orlova

N. V. Pogosova

Russian Federation

Nana V. Pogosova

K. I. Proshchaev

Russian Federation

Kirill I. Proshchaev

G. A. Chumakova

Russian Federation

Galina A. Chumakova


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