Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology

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Aim. To study the efficacy of antihypertensive therapy in elderly patients under the condition of research program and outpatient practice by ambulatory blood pressure (BP) monitoring (ABPM) and office BP evaluation, as well as explore patients' treatment compliance.

Material and methods. Patients with arterial hypertension, 1-2 degree (n=75) were included into the study. Patients were invited to in-person physician visit again after 4 years. Evaluation of office BP, ABPM, Morisky-Green questionnaire survey was performed. Besides patients were asked to give their understanding of factors that could influence treatment compliance. Patients were divided into 2 cohorts (adherers and non-adherers), depending on the results of Morisky-Green questionnaire survey.

Results. Contact was got in 50 of 75 patients after 4 years. Only 10 of patients (20%) were compliant according to Morisky-Green questionnaire survey, and 13 patients (26%) revealed a high risk of non-compliance. 26 of patients (52%) forgot to take medications, 25 patients (50%) were inaccurate regarding time of drug administration. Some patients missed medicines taking when they were in good condition (58%), or they were unwell (36%) due to sharp BP decrease after taking drugs.

Conclusion. The patients' treatment compliance remains one of the most important problems of chronic diseases therapy. Only 20% of elderly hypertensive patients are compliant.

About the Authors

V. E. Olejnikov
Penza State University
Russian Federation
Krasnaya ul. 40, Penza, 440026 Russia

I. V. Eliseeva
Penza State University
Russian Federation
Krasnaya ul. 40, Penza, 440026 Russia

Yu. A. Tomashevskaya
Penza State University
Russian Federation
Krasnaya ul. 40, Penza, 440026 Russia

N. A. Borisova
Penza State University
Russian Federation
Krasnaya ul. 40, Penza, 440026 Russia

S. S. Fadeeva
Penza State University
Russian Federation
Krasnaya ul. 40, Penza, 440026 Russia


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Olejnikov V.E., Eliseeva I.V., Tomashevskaya Yu.A., Borisova N.A., Fadeeva S.S. THE EFFICACY OF ANTIHYPERTENSIVE THERAPY IN ELDERLY PATIENTS AND TREATMENT COMPLIANCE ANALYSIS. Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2014;10(4):391-396. (In Russ.)

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