Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology

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Pharmacotherapy of arterial hypertension in the elderly is discussed. Russian and international guidelines are presented with a focus on target levels of blood pressure and drugs of choice in these patients. Issues of efficacy and safety of antihypertensive therapy in patients aged 80 years and older are considered.

About the Authors

E. A. Ushkalova
Russian University of Peoples' Friendship, Moscow
Russian Federation

O. N. Tkacheva
Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center, Moscow
Russian Federation

N. K. Runikhina
Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center, Moscow
Russian Federation

N. A. Chukhareva
Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after academician V.I. Kulakov, Moscow
Russian Federation

A. Yu. Bevz
Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center, Moscow
Russian Federation


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Ushkalova E.A., Tkacheva O.N., Runikhina N.K., Chukhareva N.A., Bevz A.Yu. PHARMACOTHERAPY OF ARTERIAL HYPERTENSION IN ELDERLY PATIENTS: FOCUS ON OCTOGENARIANS. Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2016;12(2):210-219. (In Russ.)

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