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The main factors affecting the long-term outcomes in patients after acute cerebrovascular disorder: results of the LIS-2 study

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Aim. To evaluate the long-term prognosis of life in patients after cerebral stroke (MI) and to identify the main factors influencing it.

Material and methods. All patients (n=960) who had MI or transient ischemic attack in the period from 01.01.2009 to 31.12.2011, admitted to Lyubertsy district hospital №2, were included into the register of LIS-2. The primary endpoint was total mortality of patients.

Results. The average age of patients was 72±9 years, 2/3 were women. 207 patients (21.7%) died in the hospital, 753 were discharged from the hospital. Median follow-up was 2.8 (2.1, 3.5) years. 31.5% of the patients died during this period. The main cause of death (36%) was re-MI, and 22.4% of patients died from the heart failure. The relative risk (RR) of death was significantly increased with the age of patients (RR=1.1). The probability of death increased in the presence of diabetes mellitus (RR=1.4), alcohol abuse (RR=2.3), any signs of consciousness disorders in the acute phase of MI (RR=1.6), heart failure (RR=1.6), atrial fibrillation (RR=1.4). Patients who were treated with calcium channel blockers before admission to the hospital, had a lower risk of death than those who did not receive these drugs (RR=0.4). Prescription of ACE inhibitors at discharge from the hospital reduced significantly the risk of death in the long-term period (RR=0.7).

Conclusion. High rate of long-term mortality in the LIS-2 register can be largely explained by the poor quality of primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular events.

About the Authors

S. Yu. Martsevich
State Research Centre for Preventive Medicine. Petroverigsky per. 10, Moscow, 101990 Russia
Russian Federation

N. P. Kutishenko
State Research Centre for Preventive Medicine. Petroverigsky per. 10, Moscow, 101990 Russia
Russian Federation

A. V. Suvorov
State Research Centre for Preventive Medicine. Petroverigsky per. 10, Moscow, 101990 Russia
Russian Federation

A. V. Zagrebelnyy
State Research Centre for Preventive Medicine. Petroverigsky per. 10, Moscow, 101990 Russia
Russian Federation

M. L. Ginzburg
Lyubertsy District Hospital №2. Oktyabr’skiy prospect 338, Moscow Region, Lyubertsy, 140006 Russia
Russian Federation

A. D. Deev
State Research Centre for Preventive Medicine. Petroverigsky per. 10, Moscow, 101990 Russia
Russian Federation


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Martsevich S.Yu., Kutishenko N.P., Suvorov A.V., Zagrebelnyy A.V., Ginzburg M.L., Deev A.D. The main factors affecting the long-term outcomes in patients after acute cerebrovascular disorder: results of the LIS-2 study. Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2016;12(1):51-55. (In Russ.)

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