Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology

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Aim. To reveal peculiarities of arterial hypertension (AH) diagnosis and therapy and their matching with international and national guidelines on AH. Material and Methods. An interview among Moscow physicians dealing with hypertensive patients was conducted in April-June 2005. Interview was taken with specially worked out forms containing 15 questions about hypertensive patient management. 102 physicians took part in interviewing, among them 65 internists and 37 cardiologists. Among interviewed physicians 56 ones were from outpatient clinics, 19 - from diagnostic centers, 14 - from hospitals, 5 - from commercial medical centers, 4 - from research center and 3 physicians had private practice.  Results. 80,4% of interviewed physicians correctly determined the main goals of AH therapy. 16% of doctors did not indicate blood pressure level below 140/90 mm Hg as target level of secondary prevention. Mainly antihypertensive therapy was presented by four classes of medicines, their shares were as follow: ACE inhibitors - 35%, beta-blockers – 28%, diuretics – 26% and calcium antagonists – 10%. Other classes of antihypertensive medicines (antagonists of angiotensin-II receptors, central acting medicines) made about 1% of share. When choosing original medicine among several suggested trade marks, only 22% of doctors defined the medicine correctly. Original medicines made only 29,4% prescriptions in real medical practice. Conclusion. Real practice of AH diagnosis and therapy considerably differs from international and national guidelines on AH. It is possibly related with lack of appropriate knowledge among physicians as well as problems in public health service.   

About the Authors

N. S. Oganisyan

Russian Federation

N. A. Dmitrieva

Russian Federation

A. M. Kochetkov

Russian Federation

S. Y. Martsevich

Russian Federation


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Oganisyan N.S., Dmitrieva N.A., Kochetkov A.M., Martsevich S.Y. PECULIARITIES OF ARTERIAL HYPERTENSION DIAGNOSIS AND SECONDARY PREVENTION ACCORDING TO PHYSICIANS INTERVIEWING. Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology. 2006;2(2):37-42. (In Russ.)

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